Monday, June 10, 2013

Drama Queeeeeeen!!!

I feel like a dram queen every night.  I know, me?!?!

The Prednisone has been great giving me energy and keeping the zzz's away, but it hasn't been great opening up my tight lungs.

Last night I started having a small, tolerable, panic attack because I was about to do my FIFTH breathing treatment for the day, only 2 hours after the last one.  I NEVER do that!!!  But I was about to go to bed and  my lungs were so sore and hurt so much, and were so tight, I wanted to try and open them.  Didn't work.  As I climbed into bed next to P, complaining about the pain and the uncomfortableness, I felt like some drama queen looking for attention...

We got home from our cabining weekend away around noon yesterday.  I immediately went into Prednisone induced overdrive cleaning and putting things away.  The laundry room shelves got re-arranged.  The TV stand in the bedroom got cleaned and sorted.  The floors were vacuumed.  The fridge was pulled out and I scrubbed behind it as well as the whole outside of it.  5 loads of laundry were done (4 sorted and put away).  And we took Major to the park to play for a bit.  All of that - besides the laundry - were done by 6pm.

I know I overdid it.  But we relaxed on Saturday and my lungs were having a hissy fit then too.  I am going to TRY to take it easy today, exercise, crochet, read for classes, and see if my lungs don't want to jump out of my body by 10pm again.

I also wish CF doctors could feel this pain and understand that yes Motrin on a daily basis in the dose I was taking is not fabulous for my kidneys/liver whatever, but fuck man, MY LUNGS HURT.

I was able to get an appointment for June 25th to follow up with the regiment I am on.  She said 3 weeks when I left but the scheduling was all screwy so I said I would call end of this week to schedule after July 1.  Decided to make it exactly 3 weeks (which ironicly the appointment I made is the same one I cancelled to go in last week to see her), so that if this does not help, I can get in to the hospital and start IVs before my 2nd summer class starts July 9.

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