Monday, May 11, 2015

CF Awareness Post Question Day 11

My brother asked this question, hence the reason for parts of the answer!

I don't usually read things that are this long, but it was good!
And cool idea. My ? Is where did you come from and how did you turn out so well?

Great question!!!  See I have these two cool parents who decided to have kids, well kind of….They wanted kids but maybe not so soon lol.  But after they had me they decided they needed another one, and they got this weird little boy.  But that was OK, I am glad I have a weird brother.  Though I have been told I asked if we could send him back a few times!!! 

Turning out well may still be out with the jury lol.  But having a kick ass support system helps and being allowed to live life.  I see so many parents wanting to place a bubble around their child to protect them, CF or not.  But that is not fair.  Let your children go to sleep overs, have friends over, go to school, socialize etc.  Because growing up isolated is hard.  I grew up thinking I was the only one who felt how I did with CF.  Not until I went online to find a support group for CF in my mid 20s did I realize I was not alone and was able to make friends with people who GOT me.  If children are treated like they have a disease then they will live like they have a disease.  This doesn’t mean that you should say screw it and miss a week’s worth of treatments, but if your child wants to go to a sleep over and will miss one treatment isn’t that worth it so that they can have a great life, not just a long life?   (this is where CFers and CF moms butt heads ha!)

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