Tuesday, May 26, 2015

CF Awareness Post Question Day 26

I took a break from CF awareness this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day and remember why we celebrate.  God bless the fallen service men and their families.

I know you like the winter months the most. Having CF is there any seasons that are better for you. Or months.

I love the snow of the winter months but my lungs do not like the cold!  I was hospitalized this past January primarily because of the awful cold weather we had making my lungs constrict so much I was requiring 3L of oxygen while exercising.  Normally I would need none for what I was doing. 

The summer isn’t too bad for my allergies but the excessive heat makes me lose more salt than I normally do and I dehydrate faster.  And the humidity makes it difficult for me to breathe. 

In spring the allergies get to me a lot. 

Fall is probably the least awful for me.  Luckily it is my favorite season.  Allergies are at bay, for me, and the really cold weather hasn’t hit full force yet.  

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