Sunday, May 3, 2015

CF Awareness post questions, Days 2-3

On Facebook I asked my friends and family to post questions to me about CF or my life with CF.  I have gotten some great questions!!!  So each day I will post the question and answers here too.  I forgot yesterday so I am posting two day!!!

What is the hardest part of your daily regiment living with CF?

Hardest part is trying to exercise faithfully.  Exercise is so vital in staying healthy, but unless you are a lover of exercise it is hard to fit it in.  I try to go at least once a week, which is nothing, but it is still something I tell myself.  Both normal and CF people need exercise, and like normal people, not all CFers like to exercise.  But I try to fit it in as much as I can.  I have my moments.  There are times when I can go 5 days a week to the gym for 6 months and then not go for 4 months.  Being active is vital in helping to clear the lungs and keep infections at bay.  Plus it strengthens your body for when you may need a double lung transplant.  

I would like to know: What are your thoughts when you see people who don't have CF and they are harming their healthy bodies. Also what are some of the most simplest to exotic things you would do if you didn't have CF.

It doesn't faze me too much when I see people harming their bodies.  Each person harms their bodies in their own way.  I drink soda and eat candy like it’s my life source.  Someone who is full blown diabetic may think I am crazy (I say full blown since technically I am diabetic I just don’t need insulin yet).  Smoking is probably the closest I come to getting “annoyed” at, but even so, I married a smoker, my mom and dad smoke, some of my friends smoke.  And even with that it is more for the end result, that their lungs will not be useful for someone when they die.  They can’t donate them.  But each person was given what they have and makes do with what they were given.  Every one’s life is theirs and they can live as they choose.  As long as no one else gets hurts in the process then c’est la vie!!!

If I didn't have CF I would probably have a biological baby or two.  I like to think I would still be an Interior Designer but working for my dream company designing hotels and casinos.  Riding horses all the time.  Maybe living on a ranch in Montana like I always wanted.  Maybe I would travel more.  Most of the things I would want to do I have done, or have come close to doing.  Or they are things I had to stop because my health declined.  But nothing really changes in me with or without CF.  I am still me, just a sick me.  It shaped who I became, but the basic loves and hates are imbedded in me no matter what.  

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