Friday, May 8, 2015

CF Awareness Post Question Day 8

I have a question to add -- how are the treatments helping you? What exactly is being done when you do these treatments and how many times a day/week do you do them?

Without all the medications I take I would not be able to function in society.  At all.  I would probably be dead from the infections that would have grown out of control in my lungs.  And I would have been severely malnourished.  These medications and treatments keep my lungs open and relatively infection free.  They allow me to gain weight and fight anything that may arise in my body. 

I am positive I would have survived until adulthood though.  I was very lax with my regimen until I was in college.  I took my enzymes and sometimes I did my nebulizer (it was different way back when!!!).  I was on oral antibiotics a lot I remember in college but not much before that.  But I do know I would not be alive to write this today had I not shaped up and started to take care of myself!

The remainder of your question was answered already :)

You can also watch my youtube video on my treatments.  Though some have changed in the few years since I made this video (it was done before I was married).  I may need to make an updated one!  (Ibuprofen I am no longer taking thanks to my kidneys not liking it ha!)

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