Friday, May 22, 2015

CF Awareness Post Question Day 21 and 22

Day 21 I asked for more questions and I got them!!!

Day 22:

What was it like for you to travel outside the US having CF??

In all honesty it was not bad at all.  I had my doctor write me some notes for all my medications and in case I needed to be seen at a local hospital.  I had researched hospitals in the cities we were visiting to see if they had CF centers and wrote them all down.  Just in case of course.  I had to pack extra medications in case we were stranded there longer.  I had to be sure I had conversion plugs since the sockets over there are different, though you have to check with the specific hotels since I think some voltage might be different.  It’s been a while lol.  I took fewer medications then too.  I didn’t do my vest so I didn’t have to travel with that which made it easier for me. I had all my medications in one bag in a carry on so that nothing would be lost.  Plus a medication bag does not count as luggage! 

As far as the trip itself, I was much healthier then and was able to do a lot of walking which we did.  Now I look back and the thought of doing all that walking makes me want to sleep for days!  We also scheduled some down time.  In Florence we were there for 6 days and we have activities planned for 4.5 of them.  So one day we had nothing planned at all and we lounged at the hotel and relaxed.  It was good for both my mom and I to rest.  We did 5 cities in three weeks which was perfect.  Two of those days were for travelling to and from Europe.  We took the train in Italy and planes from Paris to Rome and Florence (I think we took it from Florence, we may have traveled to get to the airport I cannot remember) to Prague. 

All in all, as long as you know your limitations and you can fly then it is worth the trip.  Of course this was to Europe.  I don’t know how it would be traveling to a third world country the Americas (Latin and South).  

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