Monday, March 9, 2009


I don't know why this has me so annoyed but it does. In total response to Darby's comment on my last blog about my man rant. I have no idea who thought it was him I was talking about but I would rather people tell me then going telling everyone else. Quite frankly I take it as an insult that someone would think I am THAT upset over a guy who I "dated" for 6 weeks, broke up with 3 months ago and ended it MYSELF!

The people close to me know this and would hopefully not assume that I would freak out over something regarding him. I hate that I have to dedicate a blog post to this but it really got under my skin.

If you want to spread rumors about me can you at least make them juicy and fabulous instead of demeaning and ridiculous?
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  1. Since I'm bored at work, I'll be your first to respond . . .

    first of all, ((hugs)) to both you and darb for the lame rumor. i promise if i ever decide to gossip about you i'll make it waaaay juicier. i'm thinking secret love affair with johnny depp?

    second, love that you're now doing blog posts from your BB. awesome. you may just be as addicted as i am ;)

    love you babe!

  2. OMG Piper I love you!!!! Don't tell Cindy about Johnny Depp she might strangle me in my sleep haha!!!!

    yes sad I am now using my Blackberry huh? ;)

  3. I'm totaly lost.... are you saying there were rumors about you and Darb dating? I'm sorry if I'm a complete idiot...

  4. LOL Amy no we did date for 6 weeks and people are saying that my previous rant was about him even though we ended things 3 months ago. :)

  5. And I know this is so petty but it still annoyed me :) and again I'm over it by now! :)

  6. I love the part about juicer rumors! Haha!!

  7. Who the heck thought that was about Darb? I swear girl, I'm off the PC for a few days and all hell breaks loose, LOL. I always miss the juicy stuff *stomps foot*

    Anyway, sorry these annoyances have been cropping up. I'm glad you can blow some steam off with these blogs and move on - life's too short to let stupid people bring you down.


  8. So...for some reason the rumor that it was about Darby is cracking me up. Sorry.

    If you touch Johnny, things are over between us. Plain and simple. I love you, but not more than Mr. Depp.

    That is all.

  9. LOL you guys crack me up!!!!

    Can I just masturbate to Johnny Cindy? :)