Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Study Visit 2

Well I had my visit today and apparently I am healthy LOL

My FEV was actually UP 1% to 42%. Go figure! I feel like ass and am coughing up so much shit and my numbers go up. Still SOB and still tight but other than a few extra crackles and coughing more nothing is wrong. I go back again in 2 weeks to be administered the drug or the placebo. If I am feeling at all shitty before then obviously I should call. But since I am not running any more fevers and my numbers all look ok we are going to see what happens. I know all you proactive people out there are yelling at me. But I do feel better even if I feel yucky. The mucus is still yellow but a little thicker.

So I guess I did over react LOL!

And is it wrong I am kinda disappointed I didn't get thrown in? I mean I know that sounds bad but I was sort of looking forward to 2 weeks of not having to do dishes or wash, not having to cook or food shop, not having to work and doing nothing but reading and crocheting. I'm a horrible horrible person but I can't help it!!!



  1. Sometimes crap is just coming up out of the lungs after it gets loosened up, so I don't blame you for not going in if your #s are good and u have no fevers. I'm proactive, but only if it's an infection.

    I say you decide to not do dishes or laundry for 2 weeks anyway ;)

  2. LOL Amy I think I might just do that! Wish I could just read instead of work too haha!!!!

  3. Can I tell you that secretly I was hoping the levaquin didn't work so that I could get IVs and make the doc write me a note for a week off work!? Isn't that horrible!? I need a vacation.

  4. It's good that you don't need to go in. I have to say that I sometimes look forward to being admitted as it is the only time I really get to rest. So it is not bad to think that way.


  5. Its ok Amy, we all have our dirty little secrets :) And really I think we all might secretly want to go in at times, but then after 2 days you begin to think what the hell was I thinking LOL

    Glad you feeling better!

  6. I guess it's good news/bad news. :)

    It sounds like you need a little vacation.