Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Been some time

I just realized that it has been a while since I blogged. Ok not really THAT long but for me it is haha!

Nothing to really report. My mom had her back surgery today to scrape the disks that are rubbing on her nerves so she can be pain free again. This is the third one in 14 years so she is "used" to them. Everything went well and she will be home tomorrow!

I am still very junky and wearing my O2 pretty much when I am home since my HR is so high. Doesn't seem to be going down too much though just high 90s which is still better than 110+.

I go next Wednesday the 1st for my 3rd study visit and I will receive the medication or the placebo. I am REALLY hoping for the medication since if I don't get it I will be in the hospital soon. I am so SOB its ridiculous!!!! See what a month without any strong abx does to me LOL!!!

I got to meet Bill on Sunday! He was driving down to meet up with Courtney on Monday for a day in NYC so I drove out to meet up with them. Court couldn't make it that night but Bill and I still had fun. He is an awesome guy, super sweet and a cutie! We got something to eat and then walked on the beach since it was right there. It was great exercise! LOL.

That's about all I have to offer.


  1. I'm so jealous you guys got to meet Amy! The picture is awesome.

    I hope your junkiness gets better. I'm so glad your mom's surgery went well.

  2. OH yeah, and I also hope you get the medication!!!

  3. I'll do some voodoo for the actual med!

    Bill IS should maybe for that!

  4. LOL Jess!

    Thanks gals!!! :)

  5. It's been so long since I've been to your blog - you changed the look!!!

    It's always fun meeting new CFers in real life - I'm glad you're getting so many opportunities!

    About the study - I know what you're dealing with. Whenever I'd have to go off inhaled antibiotics for a month prior to starting a study, I'd get sick. It got to the point that I just couldn't do studies that required that (which is basically every study). Most of them require higher FEV1's though anyway, so *shrug*...

    Anyway, hang in there. I'm sending good thoughts out to your universe, crossing my fingers you get the actual drug and not the crappy placebo!!

  6. Hoping you get the real thing.


  7. Sorry you're THAT sob! Sucky. A tune up might be a good thing for you since your O2 and HR has been so wild. Just a thought. :)

    ** Here's to the real deal!.......

  8. Thanks for visiting my blog...I see we have several things in common. You love horses too, you want to complete a scrapbook and I have completed about 5 of them...mostly for other people..You love dirty dancing and that is one of my all time favorite movies, and you are in PA....That's where I had to go to get my transplant. I never dreamed I would ever travel that far away from Idaho! I would love to link your blog on mine~ so my friends and family can get to know you. Thanks Again!

  9. Sorry I missed you sunday night, you know how family gatherings go they run on FOREVER!! lol.

    Bill is a cutie, and a very sweet guy.

    My fingers are crossed that you get the medication.

  10. I hope you start to feel better and I hope your mom has a speedy recovery I am glad the surgery went well!

  11. Thanks for linking my blog..yours is already linked on mine! :)