Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I am wondering if I am at the start of an exacerbation and not really aware of it. My O2 and HR numbers are ridiculously low/high even for me. Even on O2 I don't seem to be coming below 95 (HR) even though my O2 is up around 97-98%. At rest I am around 93% (which is relatively normal for me) but my HR ranges from 95-125! WTF?!?!

Luckily I have appointment #2 on Wednesday for the study and either my Dr or the NP will be doing the physical so I can let them know. I made an excel chart of my stats and I will print it out and take it with me. Then Dr H can decide what he wants to do. I am also VERY SOB today. Very tight too. Hoping it was a day thing and I will be fine tomorrow.

Other news...Strawberries are NOT my friend! I had thought maybe it was the blueberries but stopping them did nothing. My mom said she can't eat strawberries for the same reason. So I stopped them yesterday and today and NO issues. Guess I can no longer eat strawberries :( So sad!! But better than shitting my brains out huh LOL.


  1. Yeah, no strawberries are definitely better than THAT! But I hate strawberries anyway.. LOL.

    Well, if it is an exacerbation, hopefully you are catching it early. Hope the S(ness)OB goes away soon.

  2. I've had 2 hospital worthy exacerbations start as SOB and not much else... felt good too, but had a big PFT tank, and my lungs sounded terrible so I ended up in... that said I've also ended up with all my numbers being said but feeling terrible!

  3. I hope you feel better soon. I think I had a touch of something on Monday. I had a fever of 102.1, O2 at rest wouldn't go higher than 92 (room Air) an my heart rate was 135 at rest. I woke up Tuesday and things were back to normal. The I had a great appointment on Wednesday. Maybe you just have what I had. If so you should feel better with a good night sleep.

  4. Strawberries I LOVE strawberries! I hope you dont have an exacerbation, but yea if you do at least your catching it early before you really start feeling like utter crap.

    Feel Better soon!!

  5. Oh no! Hope you feel better very soon.