Monday, March 2, 2009

Still in pain

Yep still got pain in the gut. Well I shouldn't say STILL since I was pretty good all weekend. Last night, ah it was ok, then today at work BAM! Cramps bad and feeling like I was going to vomit. Now as I sit here I am in more pain, still feeling like I am going to vomit. And my belly is swollen even more now and will not move!

Thankfully I see DR H on Wednesday so I will tell him about my woes and see what he wants to do.

Man I hope I don't have to shit in a cup!


  1. Hope you get relief soon. ((Hugs))

  2. I wish I could send you some of my Reglan. I hope you feel better soon.

  3. Yuck nothing is worse! I hope it fixes itself soon!

  4. Your "shit in a cup" comment made me laugh, even though I know the way you feel isn't at all funny.

    Hope you feel better very soon.


  5. Just checkin in.... I hope your feeling better.

  6. the "shit in a cup" comment. I hope your doctor can figure out what's wrong so you can get some immediate relief!!

  7. Thanks all!!!!

    "Luckily" I am still hurting today. makes it easier to let my DR know when I can feel the pain and point it out.

    I will be sure to blog tomorrow night and let you all know!!!!