Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Colonoscopy etc...

Well all did not go so well on Monday. The GoLytley did not work and I was too full for them to be able to remove the polyps they found. So last night I got to drink some Miralax in Gatorade to flush me out. Now that stuff worked and it didn't taste like shit!

After 2.5 days of not eating I FINALLY got my system clear enough that they could remove the polyps they found. I was whisked away at 7:30 this morning hoping that I was not going to puke. I drank the 3 bottles of Gatorade in 3.5 hours ending at 1:30 am. I was supposed to start at 8 but we all know how shit goes in the hospital. That's why I was so surprised they came to get me so early! But hey I was back in my room by 10:30 so I can't complain

And to make the day better the resident in with the DR was CUTE!!! So of course he was looking at my bare ass and the insides ick! LOL

They did find polyps. There was a really big one in there and then some smaller ones. They have to biopsy them to make sure they are not cancerous yet. Luckily they just snip them out when they are in there looking around! The DR told me that I still have some hard stools up by my appendix and colon where they meet so they took a biopsy of that just in case. If it comes back there are polyps there then I have to get another colonoscopy in a month. If not I'm free for a year!

They were able to do the endoscopy yesterday and he said that came back clear. I have some irritation etc but that is from the coughing. My throat has been sore since yesterday but that's the only side effect I've had from both procedures so far so I'll take it.

There is a woman a few rooms over who has been screaming for days. I don't know what her issue is but they need to shove an effin sock in her dam mouth! I'm getting sick of hearing it! And its not constant just every now and then but at 1am you don't want to hear that crap come on!!!!

I've finished 2 books so far and am working on the third. This one is a bit longer so it will last me. I've also finished one Christmas present and have the yarn to start a second one. One of the RTs brought me in Twilight to watch so I'm watching that tonight! She said she hates vampires too but that this was a great movie...we will see!!!

Hugs going out to all my fellow cysters that are in lock up right now too!!!! And to all those feeling like udder shite! I love you all!!!!!!

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  1. Did you read Twilight? I watched the movie first then read all the books and absolutely LOVED them all so I totally suggest reading them if you haven't! :)

  2. Glad everything went ok!!! I used Miralax all the time after my transplant because I got "stopped up" and had surgery for an intestinal blockage! But it worked wonders....better than everything else they tried (including procedures). So now I have it on backup if i ever need it. I can never taste it...usually put it in juice! Glad they didn't make you drink more of the Golytley!

    Praying for benign polyps!! and praying that you can wait 1 full year til you have to have another one of these fun procedures!! LOL!

  3. I'm glad you finally had the proceedure. Hoping for good biopsy results!


  4. omg, I can't believe you typed that all on a BlackBerry! I'm impressed girl!

    But seriously, glad things are going ok in there. I hope the polyp results are all good.


  5. LOL Laura. I did bits and pieces at a time :)

    Thanks guys!!!! :)