Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yesterday I started my new exercise routine. My awesome Cyster Tara sent me to this great site…it’s called couch to 5k. GREAT program! It might take me a bit longer than 2 months to get to 5k but dang nab it I WILL get there!!!

Can I tell you just how AWESOME it feels to JOG on the treadmill?!?!?!? The first week calls for 5 minutes of brisk warm-up walking followed by 60 seconds of jogging and 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes. I can do 60 seconds of jogging and usually do 2+ minutes of walking to get my heart-rate and O2 sats back. My HR is getting kinda high – maxing so far at 160+ and my O2 has dropped as low as 84% while jogging. Obviously I need supplemental O2 when jogging. I will have to call and ask about that this week. I have my concentrator in my room for sleeping but from there to the treadmill in the garage is more than 300 feet. TOO far to run tubing!

I feel fantastic having it set at 3mph for my walking and then 3.2 for my jog. By the time my 60 seconds are up I need a break. But it is a start!

Today was a little rough compared to yesterday. I went as long as 2.5 minutes in between to catch my breath and get good numbers back. Plus it is so muggy and hot that after one round of jogging I an DRENCHED in sweat! Never done that before from working out lol!! It also doesn’t make me cough while jogging, but as soon as I stop I start up. I keep water with me to hydrate myself and the combo has been helping me move some good goo out!

I love that I am jogging though. It gives me a reason to go out there and DO it. With just walking I find myself making excuses but now I have a WRITTEN GOAL. Not just some “well I need to do this” type of goal. I don’t care if it takes 4 months to get to this goal. It will happen. And when it does you can guarantee that my arse will be celebrating!!!

Last night I went out with ma girls and we were dancing! Yes I was dancing! YAY!!! I didn’t last too long since it was getting towards the end of the night. But I did it. Tonight I am tired! I was out late and up early to do my IVs. It was kinda fun “shooting up” in the bar haha! As soon as my last treatment is done at 12 I am off to lala land for the night…I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Good luck with your new routine! I look forward to hearing about your results!


  2. 'It was kinda fun 'shooting up' in the bar' hehe, I get to do this at a friends party next week. I'm kinda panicking at the idea of someone thinking I really am shooting up though! Xx

  3. Thanks guys!!!!

    Haha Meg! I was worried about that too but I sat in the corner of the booth and just had my back to everyone.

  4. Aimes, I am SO PROUD of you for working out. It will get harder, but even as it gets harder I still look forward to getting out and doing it. I may regret it while I'm out there (shhhh, don't tell anyone!) but with the program I feel like I have a goal. I'm so nervous about signing up for a real 5K, but I think I'm going to do one here in Sacramento in October. Good luck training. Keep up the great work!

  5. Go for it Tara!!!!!! you CAN do it!!!!!!!!!!! I am hoping that maybe next year I can do one since they stop in October and I know I won't be ready by then LOL!!!!!

    There is one on my birthday I was tempted to sign up for, and I have until October 8th...sooooo cool would that be for us both to do it together!!!! O2 in tow the whole time haha!!!