Sunday, August 16, 2009

Exercising my tushie off!

Nothing too much to update on. Still doing my IVs. Hopefully I get the PICC out this week. I don’t see why I won’t. I still feel great, even if a little run down. But working will do that!

I was able to exercise again today and I only de-sated ONCE!! Lowest I got was 88%!!! Last weekend I was as low as 83% and HR was up to 170 something. It still got up into the 170s but at least my O2 was ok. I am still going to mention O2 for exercising when I go this week. I don’t want to mess with my heart too. Lungs is enough for me!

I have been ridiculously thirsty lately. I have drank more water this past week than I think in the whole month of July! I assume it is the IVs and the concentrated meds that are flowing through my system. But who knows. I will be mentioning that to the DR as well. So much for no issues when coming off IVs LOL!

My BFF’s mom is letting me use her glucose monitor so I can check my sugars every day. I just want to be sure that I am not close to CFRD yet. And if I am I want to get help now before it becomes a serious issue. Since my sugars were 195 one time 2.5 hours after eating it has me a bit concerned (thanks to my cyster Tara LOL). Of course it was in patient and I know IV’s can screw with your sugars. That’s why I want to check now before my PICC is pulled and then for a few weeks after. I am going to keep a journal of what I ate and then what my numbers were 1 and 2 hours post. And I think 1 hour pre too.

Well that is all for now. I will be seeing my DR this week so we can pull the PICC so I will update again after that!!

And also an update on my girl Bree! She is in the step down unit and doing great. I have talked to her a few times on MSN and she is so happy and very tired. Keep up the fabulous work honey!!! You are doing amazing and I can't wait until you are home and can live it up again and tell me all the fun stories!!!! Love you!!


  1. You go with your bad self. Awesome.

    And a hollar for the cf2 button. Yay, progress is being made. :)

  2. I LOVE YOUR CF2CHAT button! I'm going to copy you - hope that's OK :)

    Also, when was the last time you had your OGTT?

    Hopefully it's just IV's messing with your sugars :(

    Nice work on the exercise.

  3. Great job on the exercise! Keep it up!!!!


  4. Thanks Amy! Kelly posted them on CF2Chat last week and I grabbed them from there. In the restricted section. I don't know if Candice or Amanda posted them in the regular forums yet or not.

    I have never had an OGTT done before. My sugars have never really been an issue. He was checking this time because I had mentioned that a few times I get really LOW and had to eat something to stop from passing out.

    Thanks for the exercise shout outs LOL! I am loving the pain in my legs from jogging. Makes me feel AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That is great news about the exercise! Good work! (And I love that pain too - reminds me that I worked hard ;)