Sunday, August 2, 2009

My Clean Out day

So far is uneventful. Oh FYI this will be a TMI post so if you are not one to read about the things that can come out of a CFers body please stop now :)

I started drinking the GoLytly around 12ish and I have used the bathroom maybe 3 times. I was expecting to be sitting in the bathroom all day long. Instead I have napped for a large majority of the time. I'm exhausted and blame the Zyrtec. I'm thankful I can sleep at night now but man I'm good for nothing during the day. But anyhow...I am somewhat crampy and hope that this will be the extent of it. After midnight tonight I can eat nothing nor have anything to drink. Of course my colonoscopy and endoscopy are not scheduled until the afternoon and there is no set time yet. Basically I will be pushed back since I'm an elective procedure. Pooh on them!

I'm kinda nervous about it. What if they do find polyps and what if those polyps have passed the cancer stage and I end up with colon cancer like many of my relatives? The body can only take so much and I don't know if I could handle chemo. Of course I'm just letting my mind run away and I'm sure if they find anything it will be minimal.

Dr H has me back on fluids through IV since my mucus is not thinning out at all. Production has decreased through out the day but I still wake up hacking out a huge glob of clayish goo.

Boredom has begun to take hold as I have finished one book, am halfway through another and halfway through my SILs Christmas present. I'm hoping my mom can bring me some more books since this one might be finished by tomorrow.

She was supposed to come down today but her boyfriends best friend was found dead in his pool this morning. He drowned. So sad. So if you could all say some prayers for his family.

That is all I have for now. My mood is slightly bleak right now and I'm still so tired. But I must get to my dinner of green jello and lemon water ice. The chicken broth is just too blah!

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  1. No comments yet so I figured I would say hi and wish you the best of luck with everything tomorrow. So what if you are useless during the day. It's not like you have anywhere to go. Take care and get well.


  2. Hope everything "moves" along quickly! I have a ton of murder mystery type books, if you are interested. Right now, they are just tossed on my floor.

  3. "pooh on them", huh? isn't that sort of what you're trying to avoid doing ;)

    good luck tomorrow on your cancer screen. i'll be sending all the good vibes i can down here from NYC (and i just got some news today that gives me a TON more good ones to share, so they're coming your way)! i know nothing is ever certain in tests like these and it doesn't help to hear "i'm sure you'll be fine", but suffice it to say that you are one of the most kick ass cystics i know, lady, and you always know where to find me if you need to chat.

  4. I really hope everything goes well!