Saturday, August 8, 2009

Me in love

I was thinking about this tonight since Kim and I were discussing my love issues LOL

When I fall for some one it can be likened to Alice falling down the rabbit hole. At first its a fast fall, tumbling blindly into the unknown. But just as fast I get caught on a root. It catches me and holds me there in limbo while I decide if I should break free and continue to fall or if I should attempt to climb back out. I've almost always climbed back out, covered in dirt and mud and exhausted from the effort. I vow to avoid rabbit holes for a long time. I've broken a few bones on the way down too, bones that have not healed all the way, nor do I think they ever will. Despite all the broken bones, when I see another rabbit hole I look in and take the leap. Sometimes the roots hit immediately, and other times I start to see light at the other end before I get caught. But either way they are always adventurous and no two holes have been the same.
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