Friday, October 12, 2012

Breathe Easy Shawn

Tonight we lost a great man.  Perhaps even a best man.  Yes a best man.  Our best man to be exact.  P's best friend.  The one he grew up with and got in trouble with.  He is no longer fighting and struggling and suffering.  But Gosh dammit I want him back!  Just a little longer.  Its so not fucking fair.

Please send love and prayers to my sister in law and niece as they start on this journey of learning to live without their husband and dad....and for P as he learns to live without his best friend.


  1. I completely know how you feel. Brad just lost his best friend. It does fucking suck.

  2. How do you help him cope? I don't know what to do to make P feel better :(

  3. Amy, my heart breaks for you all. I've been thinking about you all so so much. Sending you so much love. XO.