Sunday, October 28, 2012

Honeymoon Extension

Looks like we get 3 extra days of our honeymoon!  Thanks to Hurricane Sandy we are "stuck" in Orlando until Thursday night!  We can't complain though.  And this has been one heck of a start to our marriage lol.

On the CF side of things, my lungs are slightly better.  I am not wearing my O2 all the time anymore thankfully.  But my heart rate is still high and my O2 is still lower than normal.  I have been using the O2 at the parks but tomorrow I plan on being "normal".  I get so frustrated with the stares and the looks and the people tripping over it!

I feel OK, but not great.  Once we return home I will make an appointment for my clinic and then port surgery and then my admission.  Get it all done with right!


  1. thanks for the update.Glad things are at least 'slightly better.' Better than no improvement or having you in hospital.

  2. Just do what I do - trip them with the cord!