Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Doubled up the Postings

Well since I didn't update after lasts clinic I will double up this time.

Last week I was up to 1.26L 43% FEV1 which was way up from before the hospital at .93L 32%!  But we kept the PICC in another week just to see if I could get up a little higher.

This week I hit 1.21L and 41% so down slightly instead of up.  However, I did an albuterol treatment right before I left the house last time so I was only about 90 minutes post treatment whereas this time I was over 2.5 hours post.  Yes that time difference will cause that much of a drop in my lung function.  That's OK though, they still pulled the PICC!

After PFTs I was informed I was getting an altitude test done!  Say whaaaaaaaaaat?  They can now test you to see if you require O2 during a plane flight!  How cool!

We started out in my exam room, then were kicked out to another consult room.  But then we realized there was no O2 hook up so it was off to the PFT lab room!  Once in there we were informed the IT guy needed to do work on the computer.  Was I OK with him being there?  YES!  Let's just do this 20 minute test and get it over with please lol!

here is the big boy that supplies you with 15% O2!  Room air is 20-21% O2.

all masked up!

Within 2 minutes of being hooked up I dropped down to 88% and he stopped the test.  We put the O2 on me at 1L and tried again.  I got as low at 91% but that was OK.  He tried dropping me to .5L just to see and I almost immediately went to 89%.  So I got a letter to wear 2L of O2 during the flight to Orlando for our HONEYMOON!   16 daaaaays baby!!!

And please don't forget:
I am not at liberty to post publicly who I need love and prayers for, but he needs them folks.  Lots and lots of them.  They are for a very close friend of mine who is fighting for his life right now.  And when I say fighting, I mean it.  <3 <3 <3


  1. The HAST is great. I'm surprised many people or doctor do not request this test prior to long flight.

  2. You'll need a airlines approved travel o2 concentrator. . .just FYI. They are special and compact and a MUST have. You can rent them from your o2 supplier usually, but with me. . .my insurance didn't cover them so I had to pay for them myself. Just something you make sure you look into. :) Yah! only 16 days!!!!!

    1. I have an EverGo already ;) airline approved and all charged!!!

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