Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Honeymoon I would like to Forget

I don't know how to even describe this honeymoon.  Its supposed to be the best vacation of your life.  Its supposed to be filled with romance and happiness and sex.  Instead its been O2, ERs and medications.  There has been sex don't worry about that.  That could possibly be the culprit of my latest issue.

Sunday night I started getting super short of breath and feverish.  You can see from this picture that my lungs were not happy campers.  We had visited P's family during the day and went to Downtown Disney that night for dinner and to get some souvenirs.  I had a hard time getting up the stairs into Planet Hollywood but I made it.  However, by the time we left I was gasping for air.  This was taken when I stopped to catch my breath.  Not good.  We kept going because I refused to leave without stuff.  Of course, every store we went into I felt like I was somewhere else.  Totally disoriented and couldn't think straight.  We purchased the one thing I was not going home without (something with our names on it and the year to commemorate this happy occasion) then P got the car and picked me up.  By the time we got back to the hotel I was feverish.  Luckily I didn't spike too high and only ran about 100.1.  I was achy too so I did my nebs and went to bed.

Monday I woke up and I felt better.  Sucked on my nebs again and we decided to go to breakfast and Walmart to get a movie.  We figured Tuesday we could go to Hollywood Studios for one more day of Disney fun.  I was really lethargic but my fever was gone.  I had stopped the prednisone on Saturday night so it made sense I was going through some withdrawl.  They didn't taper me down.

I hung on the sofa the rest of the day while P did things around the hotel.  I was worried I hadn't been pooping right so I dumped some Miralax in Gatorade and drank it all night.  My fever started to come back later in the day and I took some Motrin.  It wasn't helping and it eventually spiked at 102.2.  I was a bit nervous so I emailed my doctor.  It was late though so I knew I wouldn't hear back from her yet.  P went and got me some Tylenol and within 20 minutes my fever was down.  However, I started to get this pain in my abdomen.  It felt like gas pains so I popped a few gas-X and went to bed.  By 5am I was awake with horrible pain.  The gas-X wasn't working and my back was hurting now too.  I assumed from laying around all day.  It was like an inner tube around my center.

My fever was gone and I felt totally normal, besides the pain.  The Miralax hadn't worked either so I was starting to worry I might have a blockage.  So we decided to hit the ER again.  Luckily there was no wait at noon on a Tuesday.  I got right in and they gave me some Dilaudid for the pain.  I had a CT scan done again and blood work.  The doctor came pack with a double kidney infection.  Not just one kidney, but BOTH.  The prednisone most likely weakened my immune system and help lead to this.  

So now I am inpatient at Dr P. Phillips Hospital in Orlando getting IV fluids and IV antibiotics.  P is at the hotel and might go to Disney today so we don't waste all the tickets.  

Me?  I just wanna go home.  I am so over all this.  Its been hell.  I can't stop crying now.  I was good until last night.  Then its been waterworks central.  I just wanna go home.  I don't want to be in some foreign hospital with people I don't know while my husband is in our hotel room spending a night alone.  I want to spend our last night of the honeymoon together.  

I want to scream.  At least the view is nice right?  :(


  1. Oh man:-( You guys must be so miserable apart. Hope you get well soon.

  2. Oh Amy, I'm so sorry. That just sounds like such a shitty situation. I hope your back in your own home, sleeping in your own bed with your husband by your side soon. Hang in there lady :)

  3. Luckily I convinced them to let me go! So I got one more IV antibiotic dose and was discharged with orals. We get to spend our last night on the honeymoon together <3

  4. It sucks worse than anything when the mind wants/needs to go, go, go, but the body gets all needy on its own and doesn't cooperate. Glad you got out there, though. It might be bad to have this all happen and not be able to travel at all.