Saturday, October 6, 2012

IS there more they can do?

When things aren't going well health wise we have a tendency to blame the doctors.  "They could do more."  "How do they not know how to treat this?"  "Why aren't they making things better?"

But in reality, unless you are at a totally incompetent hospital, chances are they ARE doing everything they can.  They really DON'T know how to treat this.  And they CAN'T make things better.

All they can do is try their damnedest to make things turn around but its not their call that is the final one.  Ultimately it is up to the body they are trying to heal.  And maybe, if you believe, up to God.

I ask you all to continue your prayers for my friend.  Things are worse, much worse and we are hoping he can fight this infection and continue on his road to recovery.  But if not, if he finds himself at peace then I pray that he is in no more pain and that we can find peace in that.

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