Sunday, November 23, 2008

10 year Reunion

Last night was my ten year high school reunion. Wow 10 years!!! I can’t believe I have been out that long already!!!!

It was a good time. A little disappointing because there were not that many people there. Probably only a little more than 100but we graduated with well over 700!

It was fun seeing some of the people I haven’t seen since high school and remembering WHY I haven’t seen them…they suck! HAHA!! I felt like I was back in school again because of the segregation of the “clicks”. Again the “popular” kids stayed away from the not so popular kids and the “nerds”. They stuck to themselves and ignored everyone else. Whatever. I had no desire to talk to them in high school and still have no desire after 10 years…hehe.

I wasn’t sure if any one would comment about my facebook pictures and all since some of the people I am friends with on there were there, and they never knew about CF before. But no one said anything which was fine by me. No need to begin telling the world about my problems haha!!!

I had tears in my eyes at one point in the night. There was a memorial area for the classmates we have lost and my friend Mike’s name was on it, obviously. It made me sad to see his name there. I still miss him sometimes and wish he was still alive. See what drugs can do to you!

There were only 4 people on the list which surprised me. I ad thought there was more than that. I knew of 3 of the people and the fourth person I didn’t know. 2 of them were killed by drugs/drunk driving and the one guy died of some disease he had since birth.

They also had a slideshow of pictures from high school and elementary school!!! UGH it was terrible seeing pictures of me from way back when! Ahhhhh!!!! I was hideous LOL!!! For the 20 they do pictures of kids and weddings. What if you don’t have kids or get married??? Guess you don’t get on the slideshow.

I found myself wondering if I would make it to my 20 and if so would I be on O2, or have had my TX yet. A part of me doesn’t think I will be around for the 20 year. Sounds sad I know, but it is a reality. Oh well. I won’t dwell on it!

It was good being there and though it wasn’t as exciting as I had hoped I am still glad I went. If I hadn’t I know I would have been super curious and bummed I missed out!!!
The group of gals I went down with.

In memory of those we have lost. I miss you Mike!!!


  1. You don't think you will be around in 10 years??

    I hope you will be, Amy!!!

  2. You look great Amy.
    I didn't think I'd be around for my 20 year reunion and it was this past August. Even though I didn't make it, just knowing that I lived till then was awesome. Whoo hoo. You'll make it girl. Transplant medicine has come a long way and will hopefully come even further before you have to get one!!!!
    You look terrific in the pic!