Tuesday, November 18, 2008

An update...

November 8, 2008

An update for you all….totally random shit!

Well it is the end of my first new work week. I now work 4-10 hour days. I took Wednesdays off since that is when my clinic appointments usually are. And now I am glad I did since by Wednesday I am exhausted from working so much. I just hope that I can keep it up. Most likely the first week is the roughest since I have to get into some sort of a routine. My game plan is to get up on Wednesday and go to the gym after my treatments. This past week didn’t work out so well. My roommate got a puppy and when he put him in the cage when he left he barked for 2.5 hours! He leaves at 5:45am and I got up a little after 8. I tried unsuccessfully to sleep through it, and was disappointed since I was up until 1am watching the election coverage. GO OBAMA! I am hoping that this upcoming week will work out a little better. And hopefully the puppy will stop barking!

He hates being alone is what we are realizing. He loves his cage just not when the door is closed and locked. He is getting out of it so now we have to put a bungee cord around it so he stays in. He is adorable as all hell….but he is a puppy!!!

Oh I did move in with my friend who is getting divorced. Its nice. All my crap fits in my bedroom and we put my sofa in the living room. I didn’t realize how much shit I had until I moved! Good lord! A lot of it is in storage at my moms but still. I will have to take some pics and post them. I look like a pack rat haha!!!

I am now seeing what everyone had said about the O2 concentrator putting off a lot of heat. I never noticed in my old apartment because it was so drafty! But now I sleep with almost no blankets and have the windows cracked because of the heat. Its crazy!! But at least I won’t have to put the heat on in my room at all haha!! I am definitely sleeping much better with O2 and I am so glad I got it! I still sleep a lot of the weekends but I don’t get anymore crazy headaches and I wake up feeling rested which is a new thing for me!

So on to more news. I bought a weekly pill container and I am kicking myself for not buying one sooner!!!! Goodness how much easier it is to put the weeks supply of pills in and then just take them out on a day to day basis!!! Not having to open and close 9 bottles a day is fabulous!!! I recommend everyone who takes maintenance drugs to get one!! Plus now when I go away I don’t have to lug all those huge bottles with me!! Which will be perfect for next weekend ;)

Oh I can not wait to meet this guy!! We have so much in common and we get along very well. Granted its all online but that is the point of us meeting. To make sure we have the same chemistry in person as we do online. I am super excited and super nervous haha!! I have never ever done this before! He knows that so he has been really great with everything. I will have pictures to post when I get back too and by then I should have the internet up and running! If not I may go insane!!!

Work is going great. The interior design department is up and running and looking for more work. So if any of you know anyone in the Philadelphia region looking for commercial interior design services send them our way!! Well contact me and I will give you my work info so that they can call us. My partner T and I went to Baltimore last week for NeoCon East. It is a huge designer show for all things ID related. But mainly furniture and no lighting which we were disappointed about. But anyway. We made a lot of new contacts and have been getting some more products to put into our office library. We also got information about the NCIDQ exam that we need to take to become registered designers. I thought that you HAD the do the IDEP program which is like a mentorship. But you don’t have to in the US. So I can take the test right now (which means I updated my 101 things to do in 1001 days list)!!! Well come spring haha! So I filled out the paperwork to apply for membership to ASID and will be applying to take the exam in the spring! The ASID offers study sessions for the exam for free to its members so I get a double bonus to being a member. Only thing that sucks is it costs $300 a year for 2 years then it goes up to $480 a year. So that really blows! Plus once I take the NCIDQ my membership will upgrade and be more. But I will be registered and awesome haha!! And the exam itself will cost me almost $800 and takes 2 full days to complete. So I NEED those study sessions so I pass on the first try!!!! And I need to get me some money haha!! Income taxes, hopefully, unless I screwed myself with being on disability so often! Or I could lend myself out as a prostitute!!! I could make some decent money maybe haha!!

Well that is all I have to update on now.

Take care!!!

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