Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving thanks

My turkey day was pretty good!!  I ate WAY more then I can fit in my stomach comfortably haha!!  But that is the joy of Thanksgiving!  

I went to my mom’s to help cook around noon.  Hey she didn’t get up until 11 either!!  Everything was mostly made we just had to cook things.  I got to peel the potatoes…I think there might have been some finger skin in there too haha!  Just kidding!!  Our goal was to create a centerpiece that would look nice…and stand on its own.  We started out with candles inside apples.  They did not want to stand alone.  So we tried scotch taping them to the table.  Even worse!!  So then we got a basket and put the apples in it and got two lemons, skinned them, ad put them in there.  Worked great!!  But it was a little bland.  So my aunt went to the neighbors house and collected some sap filled pine cones.  That helped tremendously!  My mom had some gourds so they were placed around the basket too.  Ended up looking mighty nice!! 

I was supposed to eat dinner at my mom’s and then go to my dad’s for desert.  Since the two of us slept late I ended up switching it around.  I went up to my dad’s around 3:30 and had appetizers and then dinner.  Stuffed me-self!!!!!  But it was de-licious!!!!!!!  

Dinner was a little sad.  On the way up I found myself crying a little.  It was our first real holiday with out Ashley (Step-niece who was killed in June in a car accident, 2 weeks after her 21st birthday).  I felt sad that she was not there.  It would be very strange!  Florence (my step-mom) said the prayer and she started crying before she could talk.  She just thanked everyone for being there and all.  Everyone pretty much had tears in their eyes.  We were all very thankful to be there and be able to be with each other.  The first family-holiday after losing a loved one is the most difficult, in my opinion.  That is when you truly notice that person’s absence.  But after the prayer we a bucked up and gorged on food out the wazoo!!! 

When I was leaving my dad walked me to my jeep.  He always does, so sweet of him!!  It is one of the times when we get to be alone and just chit chat.  Of course he took the time to lecture me on the dangers of traveling to another city to meet someone I met online!!  I assured him I felt safe going out there.  I wouldn’t have gone if there was any doubt in my mind about my safety!!!!  But that is a father’s job…to worry about his daughter.  I love him!!!!!! 

I ended my evening at my mom’s with the miss-fit group.  She likes to invite people that have no where to go for dinner.  Mainly the people that live at the Langhorne Hotel.  Its very kind of her.  Just makes for a weird dinner haha!!!  

So to end on a good note.  What I am thankful for this year: 

  •          To be alive and well to spend another year with my family
  •          To have great family and friends
  •          To have a job with excellent benefits in this spiraling downward economy
  •          To have found someone that I care about and look forward to talking with every night
Here is a picture of the centerpiece both before and after!


  1. The centerpiece turned out great! I'm glad you had a good day. My prayers are with your family as you deal with your step-niece's loss. I have never lost a close family member, so I can't imagine what a holiday must be like after losing someone so close.

  2. I know it wasn't meant to be funny, but when you were talking about the prayer, I was reminded of the prayer my brother and his wife said:
    God is great, God is good
    and we thank him for this food.
    By his hand we all are blessed,
    somethin' somethin' ends in ess.

    This is their standard dinner prayer - nothing special added for Thanksgiving, haha.

    I like your list of things for which you are thankful. We should all be reminded to take time out and realize what we DO have. :)

  3. LOL that is funny Rhi!!!!!

    My dad said a funny one too after my step mom. He uses laughter in uncomfortable situations like I do :)

    Yes we are all blessed in our own way :)