Saturday, November 29, 2008

101 things...what I have done

Well I am totally bored with this 4 day weekend and I don’t want to do my holiday cards while nebbing so….I decided to write about the things on my list that I have finished thus far.  I have a mighty good amount done for only having begun this on my birthday. 

#6 – Get computer working again so it reads CDs.  This one was pretty easy.  I only needed a new cd drive which I installed myself.  Thanks to Kevin, I didn’t have to call anyone to get it set up for me and try to figure this all out. 

#9 – Write a short story.  I had begun writing a story when I was in school and I took a few extra days to finish it and make some changes.  It is not entirely done and not ready to be sent to anyone yet, but it is done, it just needs tweaking. 

#13 – Get a sleep study done for O2.  This one I kind of bypassed.  My dr put me on O2 at night after I told him my issues I was having.  It worked!!! 

#20 – Donate all my old books to the library.  This one was a help to me too!  When I was packing to move I just put the books I didn’t want into a different box.  Julie, my old roommate took them to the library by her work.  She had some old books she wanted to take too. 

#21 – Get all my pants hemmed.  I am short, this is a known fact.  And short people have a hard time buying pants that fit.  Even with my 3 inch heels I was still walking on my pant legs.  I finally gave in and dropped them off at the cleaners.  A week and $80 later I now have pants for work that actually fit me!!! 

#29 – Delete old files off my computer.  This one only got done because I was without the internet for 3 weeks!!  I deleted all my old files and programs that I never use.  I have a lot more space now!! 

#35 – Go to Disney World.  Well I kind of cheated on this one haha!  I wrote it in knowing I was going to go.  Hehe, shhhh don’t tell!! 

#39 – Back up all my blogs.  Did it!  Took a while to get them all copied but it is done!  And now I write my blog in the file and then copy it to my blogspot.  See worked well!!! 

#82 – Actually go Christmas shopping on Black Friday.  Yes I braved the stores and went shopping on Friday.  I was going to go at 5am, but I was still too tired.  Now I am glad I didn’t since I heard of a few deaths caused by trampling!!!  OMG WTF?!?!  I almost had #83 (finish shopping before December 1st) but I have a few more people to get and I know that won’t happen tomorrow.  Next Year!!!! 

#90 – Start birth control.  I’m on the 5 year plan, Mirena.  I love it so far.  Well maybe  not.  But the first 3 months you can experience in between bleeding.  So once that is over then I will love it!!  No babies for me!!!

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