Friday, November 7, 2008

Still no internet

I still don't have internet at my house!!! UGH! So I am stuck going to my mom's every now and then and using it at work. I have been keeping up with my blogs they just aren't getting posted haha!!! I should have it by the 14th but I will be away from the 14th-18th so you won't see any new ones until then. BUT by then I will be back from my trip to meet my someone special and it will be a good blog :)

I did start my new work week at work. It's ok. 4-10 hour days are not that great though. I am tired this week!!! But hopefully I will get used to it at some point. And if not then I will reduce my hours to 36 and take a pay cut!

So sorry I haven't been posting or keeping up with everyones!!!! I feel bad :(



  1. I will be gone from Nov. 11th through Nov. 18th, neener neener, my visit's longer than yo-oouurs! (technically though, it's only the 13th through the 18th - still one day longer though!!!)

    Hope you have a safe and happy time (and be sure to take lots of pictures)!!

  2. We miss you, aimeroo! Glad you're getting some hours, even if it's a bit taing. You do seem to like your job, and in the end, that's huge.

    Ditti what what's her face said on pics.



    P.S. We got talking about our (supposed) spring meetup in chat. Philly '09? :p

  3. Glad to know you are are okay.

  4. Boooo for no internet. I miss your cheeriness on here!!

  5. Been missing your blogs. I hope you enjoy your trip. Looking forward to hearing all about it.