Monday, November 24, 2008

Clinic Today

Well today was my clinic appointment. I went ok. Been better but definitely have been worse too.

Here are my numbers:

Weight - 118
FEV1 - 1.26L, 40% (down from 42% and 1.31L)
FVC - 2.4L, 65% (stayed the same)
FEV1/FVC1 - .52L 62%
FEF 25-75% - .49L 14% (down from 15%)
FEF 25% - 1.49L 26%
FEF 75% - .24L 12%

So all of my numbers are down. But I didn’t have a treatment before I went and my appointment was at 2pm. So that could have had something to do with it. That and I am getting a cold so that will drag my numbers down a bit too. He told me I am a month behind :) Apparently what I have now is what was going around a month ago!! Haha leave it to me to be late! I got my flu shot and hopefully that will ward off anything else that comes my way.

I go back in January so lets pray I don’t need any emergency visits before then!

Today for some reason really made me want to kick my ass in high gear and get those numbers up. I am going to work out more, take the steps at work when I can, and do what I need to so I can stay healthier longer. I will not let CF win!!! :)


  1. I'm glad you feel motivated to bring your numbers back up. I hope the cold doesn't get you down too much. Jordan's been fighting with one, and it's been tough for him to breathe lately.

    Take care.