Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Harrisburg - Inauguration

Today was the inauguration.  It was really cool.  Of course we could not actually GO in the house but they had TVs set up everywhere so anyone could watch it.  The whole process took about 30 seconds for the new representatives to swear to uphold the law blah blah blah.  But it took a while to actually GET to that point!  We got to Harrisburg around 11:15 and we left around 2pm.  We wondered around the capitol building for a little while then went to the Ryan Building where Frank had tables set up for us.  Each representative had a space designated for his “fans”.  We had stickers to recognize us.  It was like a big kids field trip!!!!!  HAHA!!!!  I took a bunch of pictures and I will post some of them here.  Since we couldn’t get into the chambers to watch them sworn in I took pics of the TVs!!!  

being sworn in!!!!!  We have NO idea where he was actually sitting LOL!!!!!!

My friend John and I stuck together and we wondered off to get “lost”.  It was fun seeing the offices and the secretaries, opps sorry administrative assistants of the Reps.  Me being the pussy foot that I am was nervous the whole time that we were gonna get kicked out haha!  But we didn’t.  I used the potty on the one floor and would have taken pictures if people hadn’t been in there.  Oh well!!!!!  I didn’t wanna look like a total tourist / out-of-towner!  

I got a great work out walking up and down tons of steps…who needs a gym membership I can just become a member of Congress!!!!!!  Next stop, Washington D.C.!!!!!!!

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  1. I used the loo in the California Department of the Treasury bldg. That's about as unromantic and untouristy as I can think of.

    The complex in Hbg I haven't really touched. I've seen the capital dome from maybe 3 blocks west, but that's it. Great bldg., though. Glad you made it. I need to get back there.