Saturday, January 24, 2009

New blog colors and some other stuff

I wanted to add my own blog background since I have seen some really fun ones but I have no clue where to add the code.  So I opted to change the colors up.  I think the black might be too much so if it is let me know.  I like how my header pops out though...and it makes it look like the title is cut out and the black background is coming through.  I find that awesome looking.  But you are my readers so let me know how it looks to you all!!!!

On to other news.  I was up half the night suffocating!!  Dam that TOBI!  But by 9 am I was able to fall asleep and sleep well until 11 am.  So I am going to try again tonight and tomorrow night and see how it goes.  If I still wake up all night then I will call my DR on Monday.  I was fine today which is different than most times so I am hoping I just have to deal with the tight-man-sitting-on-my-chest feeling a few nights.  That I can deal with since I coughed up some GOOD stuff this morning :)  And today I am also having some pain which I am attributing to the TOBI.  It feels kinda like glass in my lungs in varied spots.  And it isn't constant and there is no rhyme or reason.  I  have no clue what it is and it is tolerable so no need to call anyone IMO.  

Hmm what else.  Oh I hung out with my mom all day today.  Well I went over around 2.  We just watched some TV then went to dinner at Charlie Brown's.  So yummy!  I had steak and a baked potato and I love salad bars since they can satisfy the CF hunger!!!!  

Tis all for now!  I will update on how I do with TOBI tomorrow!!!!!

Well obviously I figured out how to change the background and I did!!!!  I love the colors woohoo!!!!!!!  Hope you all do too!


  1. Hope your feeling better soon! Hugs from Phoenix!

  2. Very cute new background! I just stumbled across all of these blogs of CF patients and families last week and am so glad to find such amazing people! I have two daughters, ages 11 and 8 and my oldest has CF.

  3. Dang, I missed the black - now I wanna know what it looked like!! The pink and brown is really cute though. Good choice! :P

    And yeah, Tobi bites. I don't have as many problems with it as some others, but my big gripe is that it takes forEVER to do. And it tastes gross.