Sunday, January 25, 2009

neb cups

I had to post this picture.  Actually I had to take this picture for the sole purpose of posting it.  I laughed when I looked at it.  So many neb cups, so little time!!!!  But they are all clean and freshly boiled...ahhhhh relief!


  1. Ha! A basket full of sterilized nebulizers brings so much happiness!

  2. It does, it really does!! :)

  3. hi there, I just found your blog and started reading it, I realized that we both got cf. How are u ? it´s all ok or ? take care/johanna from the north of sweden

  4. Nebs, nebs
    They ruin your life
    The more you do 'em
    The more you gripe
    The more you gripe
    The worse that you feel
    Don't do your nebs
    Now that's a sweet deal!

    Yes, yes i wrote and composed that off the top of my head (COPYWRITE)