Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So I had the WEIRDEST dream last night and I needed to share it before it escaped me.

As everyone knows my step niece was killed in a car accident back in June.  Well last night she was in my dreams as a ghost and haunting me.  When my phone would ring she would be the picture and the ringtone would be her saying "hi Amy".  When I would try to drive my car she took over the car and would not let me steer, driving me into other cars and embankments (never fast just as sport it seemed).  I told my dad and step-mom and they wanted to see it and hear it too.  It was SO weird!!!!  In my dream I was also working back at my waitressing job and she was there the whole night screwing me up.  I eventually had to have my SIL take over for me so I could leave because I couldn't do ANYTHING.  The dream started out as me and my family trying to rent out the 3rd floor apartment in hour house (does not exist in real life but on the family farm the 3rd floor is haunted) but it was haunted and it was finally realized that it was her who was doing it, my step-niece. 

I'm telling you this was such a wacky dream and I can't for the life of me figure out if she was visiting me in my dream or I just decided that I was too be a weirdo in my sleep.

Who knows but we miss you Ashley!!!!!!  <3


  1. When my sister died in a car accident four years ago, I would have random dreams about her that were never good. I won't share them because they really screwed me up, but I feel for you. I understand how much it can freak you out. I don't think I've had one for a few years now, which is nice, and I hope that this will be the only (at least bad) dream you have.

  2. My dad was murdered when I was a little girl, and for years I had a reoccurring nightmare about him in it. I can still remember it vividly. I think that it is due to who it was and the huge loss in my life. It was horrible, but somehow, comforting to at least see him in my dreams...