Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's

my BFF and I...It was well past 12 here but she wanted the pic with the hats on :)
my mom and I...yes that is me under all that!!!
my mom, her boyfriend and my aunt

New Year’s Eve was a lot of fun!!!!  I had a great time at both house parties I went to.  And I managed to stay sober so I could drive home and sleep in my own bed.  Mainly because I had to get up so I could make it to LBI (Long Beach Island in NJ) for the lighting of the lighthouse.  

Which I was wrong about in my previous post.  It hasn’t been lit since 1932.  It was built in January 1859 so it was the 150th anniversary of the building of it.  It was FREEZING!!!  As you will see by the pictures we were all bundled up.  My batteries in my camera wouldn’t even work right!  At least that is what some guy told me when we were leaving.  I managed to get a few pictures before it just died on me.  We had to walk a few blocks to get to the park.  Seems everyone in NJ was there to see the lighting!!  And LBI is a small island so God only knows how it was holding all those people hehe…well it does during the summer but winter it is like a ghost town.  My Aunt lives down there so we were able to warm up at her house.  

So back to new years.  I did not get my new years kiss, though there really wasn’t anyone there that I wanted to kiss.  And the one person I would have kissed was not able to get out that night.  He was on baby duty.  Oh well!!!!  I still had a fabulous time and stayed out until 3:30am!  SO LATE for me!  Even my BFF commented that she couldn’t believe I was still there. 

Well enjoy the pictures!!!!!


  1. Very neat about the light house....I love historical landmarks and such.

  2. I'm so glad you had a good time Amy. You look so cute all bundled up.

    If it makes you feel better, I didn't have anyone to kiss at midnight either. Balin and I did a happy dance. :)