Saturday, February 28, 2009

Moving on...

I have decided that I am done "pining" over my crushes. Men who I like if for no other reason than hot sex, good body, or just being funny. Yes hot sex, I love me some hot sex and one guy I "crush" on his delicious!!! But that is besides the point.

Anyway. I am happy as I am being single and I realized that most of my pining was because of what that person could do for me. Mainly supporting me when the time comes for me not to work.
But I need to get over that and not like someone based on what they can do for me. I am too much of a romantic for that!

So my new though process is to be rid of these, jealous, lusty, longing feelings for men I will never wed and move on to more important things, like crochet ;)



  1. Lmao! Thanks for making me laugh on this awful day =)

  2. OMG, Amy, you crack me up. I'm sure your new crochet craft will make up for all that hot steamy sex! LOL!

  3. Glad everyone finds me so funny *sighs*

    HAHA just kidding!!!!

    Was only meant to be partially funny so I am glad you all found my humor in it ;)

    And yes Cindy it does!! :P I feel totally satisfied when I finish a piece of adorable booties! (That I have yet to make to actually FIT a kid yet!).

    I love my readers!!!!!!! <3

  4. Amy,
    You are so funny! Crochet! Think that will take away the pining for steamy sex?? :)
    Your cf story was good to read, nice to know a little more back ground on little Ms. Amy.
    Take care, Love,

  5. Just what sort of things are you crocheting there girl?! LOL

    You know, when you're not looking for him, is when the right guy comes along. :)


  6. I like this plan, Amy. It sounds so cliche (or should I say, CROCHET?), but it really is true that it is only when you find your own happiness in just being with yourself, that you can then truly be open to finding happiness with the right guy. Flings are fun, no denying that. But they are simply that - flings - and they inevitably lead you right back to looking around that empty room and wondering what you REALLY want in a relationship.

    Crochet away!!