Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Clinic Today

Today was my final study visit. I am officially done with the Inhaled Cipro study wohoo!!!

Everything went well considering being sick. I lost 1 more pound and I am down to 117.5. Still decent. My FEV1 surprised me. I thought for sure I would be lower but I was at 39%. And I nailed 39% 3 times in a row LOL! 1.2L to be exact. I don't think I have ever had an identical reading before. So cool and strange. I was put on Zyrtec to see how that helps with my nose congestion. Hopefully it gets some of my lung function back once I clear away the gunk. If not then we are going to try a round of TOBI. If that doesn't work it means IV time. But I already feel better in a week since being on the oral Cipro. I think that the clearing of the sinuses will help more.

I thought my knees were the worst part of my burn but the back and side of my neck/shoulders are peeling already. They are the crusty peel that once the burnt skin falls off it leaves a hard, reddened skin in it's place. Fun stuff!!! And very painful I might add!

That's all I have for now...


  1. Glad your FEV1 was better than expected!


  2. Way to go on the FEV1. Hope your sunburn heals quickly.


  3. woo-hoo for your numbers being higher than you thought they'd be...always a fun surprise! btw, sucks that you have to go back on TOBI now that the study is over. at least you're not on automatic IVs though!