Saturday, May 23, 2009

I'm like a french fry...

...burnt to a crisp and covered in salt!

I spent the day at Devon. I go every year, by myself. It's always the weekend of and weekend after Memorial Day. I had completely forgotten about it until yesterday when my co-worker mentioned it. Memorial Day being so early this year through me off!

I adore going here. The smells, the sights, the sounds. Everything is just fabulous! I go alone. I will never go with anyone. I have no desire to. It's something I do alone so I can wander at my pace, sit as long as I want and do whatever I please. I never buy tickets to the grandstand since I enjoy relaxing in the sun taking pictures, right along the rail. Some years I wander around the grounds but mostly I watch the Oval and then walk back to look around the shops. I never go in. it's on the Mainline in PA and it's horse people...very expensive. Maybe someday when I marry that DR or Lawyer haha! One of these days I might actually stay for the whole day. But it is usually from 8am until about 10pm. A long day!

Devon has been a dream of mine since I was little. It's huge! People come from all over the country to show here. My two Aunts that have farms come every year to show with their students. They don't personally show anymore but they are the trainers for some that do. It's so very prestigious and you get to say that YOU rode in Devon. God I want to be able to say that. I guess my sorry ass needs to start riding again huh?

I still get that little tingle in my tummy when I can see that the rider is going to nail the jump, or the pull when it looks to be too short. I count each and every stride between the jumps and nod my head ever so softly as the horse canters along. I find myself biting my lip in anticipation when it comes down to a few seconds. Or feeling let down when a horse hits the rail and knocks it off. It's so invigorating for me. I love it.

Body and soul I miss riding and being a part of it all. I miss showing. I miss walking around in my breeches and boots. I miss buying saddle pads and treats. I miss the feel of the horse beneath you, how the muscles tense when going over a fence, the exhilaration when you nail a fence that you have been having trouble getting. Knowing that you are doing something you love.


Anyway...on the way home I decided to swing by the Battle of the Bulge Memorial. I didn't know it was inside the Valley Forge Military Academy and you can't get in (at least not on the weekends and I didn't feel like driving around to the other entrances) LOL. Oh well. I drove past it anyway and saw the back of it. And I saw some cute cadets. Maybe that's what I need instead of a DR or Lawyer, a military man!!! Mmmmmm yummy..........

Some pictures I took! Enjoy!!!

The Dixon Oval

Leadline...ages under 4 and then 4-5 year olds. So freaking cute!

Lemon Stick....Devon is not complete without one

Someday maybe I will be doing this....

My burnt knees...LOL


  1. My, what a big lemon stick you have...

    And nice burnt knees. Sounds like you had a great day lady!!!!!! Love the pics! You'll ride again!:)

  2. Your Devon looks so much more fun than the English Devon!!

  3. Ouch on the sunburn!! Looks like you had a great time. :)

  4. Looks like fun. And I dont ever think i have seen or had a lemon stick before.

  5. Ouch! Those thighs look HORRIBLE!!
    Thanks for sharing the pure joy you felt while visiting Devon, it's contagious. Glad you had such a great day!

  6. My knees got burned this weekend too. So did the backs of them. Ouch!

    It looks like great fun. I never rode competitively, but I miss riding. I just miss the companionship of a horse. They are special.


  7. Ouch Amy with those knees. What a fun day though.