Saturday, May 9, 2009

Great Strides Walk at the Philadelphia Zoo!

Today was the walk for CF. It was absolutely GORGEOUS out!! There was a chance of rain and considering it has rained for the last 11 days we thought for sure we would be rained on. Thankfully Mother Nature spared us. It was hot, sunny and awesome!

I picked Piper up at the train station at 9:30 and we went to the zoo to meet everyone. It was awesome that she came in from NYC to be here. I will be there next weekend for their walk! YAY! Being the brilliant team coordinator I am I didn’t take ANY pictures of anyone! I suck! So I stole my friend April’s pics haha! At least it is something right? I really wanted a group shot but there were SO many people that it would have been very difficult to get it.

The turn out was phenomenal! With our two teams combined (my team the Blue Crew and my office team Barton Buddies) there were roughly 35 people! We raised well over $3000 probably close to $4000 even more! Awesome! The amount of people there walking for CF was amazing. It really is awe inspiring to see such a crowd of people with tee shirts and flags etc all out to support someone they love.

There was only one mishap with a group of my team getting in late but they made it. I couldn’t turn in my money since I was waiting for them at the gate so I am mailing it in tomorrow. No biggie!! Mostly everyone left shortly after the walk ended….it was HOT! But some of my office team and Piper and I stayed around and wandered. Then it was just Piper and I so we stayed in the primate house and chatted it up for over an hour. It was great.

I absolutely love my friends, family and coworkers. I got teary eyed thinking of how amazingly lucky I am too have so many people that support me. I have never and will never lack that. It’s such a fabulous feeling I can’t even describe it. Seeing all those people wearing YOUR team shirt supporting YOU…WOW. It just blows my mind that every year we can raise what we do and do what we do. These people do this for me. I’m basically the only CFer they know (besides a few of my friends and family, well and now they all know Piper!), so it’s for me they walk. It’s so humbling and gratifying. It brings such a smile to my face!

Enjoy the pictures!!!! And you can yell at me for not taking any of my own haha!

Our team tee shirts and all the sponsors

April and I before the walk


  1. Congratulations Amy on the awesome amount of money raised. All us CFers are gratefulf for your friends, family and coworkers support.


  2. Way to kick butt at the walk!!! Thanks for raising so much moola!


  3. Wow that was Great!!! I'm so glad you had a wonderful day and Yes you kick ass that is why everybody loves you. You Rock! That was super cool that Piper came down to walk with you, good girls!