Friday, May 21, 2010

How do you know it is IV time? need to wear a diaper when you cough!


Yeah I have graduated to coughing and peeing.  Fun stuff.  But a definite sign that IVs are in my future.  Now to get the health insurance fiasco figured out!

I got a letter from Medicaid yesterday telling me they received my paperwork for disability and it would be 90 DAYS until a decision was made!  WTF?!?!  So I called and yeah, 90 days till I will be able to get insurance.    I called my social worker at Children's and we are going to figure something out because there is no way in hell I can survive another 3 months with out a check up and with out meds.  I am already in need of IVs, so 3 more months might find me completely helpless.

My lungs hurt so bad I want to swallow a bottle of Motrin and hope it all goes away.  And today, while peeing a little and coughing I just about threw up.  I am good at keeping it down when it gets to that point, especially when I am in public, but let me tell you how hard it is.  And of course, it is also another sign of the IV need.


  1. Hi Amy! I think of you often. I wish they could speed up the insurance process for you - beyond maddening. I have some meds here and don't want to say too much on a public domain. You can get my email if you go to my profile and click on email. I would be happy to email and tell you what we have. I wish there were more I could do. Take care - hope you start feeling better. Blessings, Gina

  2. I just laughed a little reading this post. . .oh the memories of peeing my pants on a daily basis. Yes, for me it became a regular occurrence. Luckily that all ends with transplant! :) Good Luck with the hospital and insurance~ I can't believe it would take 90 days! Hopefully less :)

  3. Hey Amy. Been reading for quite a while, not sure if I've commented before? But yes indeed, this is too true!!
    I really hope that you get something worked out, I feel your frustration at these crazy companies! If I could do anything from here in the uk, please let me know :) xx

  4. Thank you all!!! I am OK on meds and next Tuesday is my appointment so I think I can survive....but I appreciate all the offers :)