Sunday, May 16, 2010

LI, that would be me!

Well it seems that my little experiment in Lactose Intolerance has paid off.  It is safe to say that I am just that...LI.  I have not had any lactose milk in a few weeks (besides a gulp here and there to swallow my pills when we are out of the lactose free kind) and I have avoided ice cream.  My reward, I have not been bloated AT ALL!  Seriously!  My stomach has stopped looking 6 months pregnant and I actually look like a CF patient again!  Not that it's an entirely good thing to look so thin, but I am glad to feel comfortable and be able to eat and not worry about blowing up!

On the down side, I need to start taking Miralax to help move things along.  Apparently being LI helps keep the digestive track flowing, and since I haven't had lactose in weeks, my body is a bit full.  I would explain but that might be a bit TMI for such a public blog.  :)

So I can safely give my results to my CF doctor if I ever get there!!!  I don't know if there are any more tests they will need to run to make sure, or if what I have done is sufficient.

Keeping in line with this, I have been running very low grade fevers at night.  When I say low grade I mean it, usually right around 99.5 highest being 100.  Nothing concerning really and I take Motrin anyway for my back pain at night, so that also gets rid f the fevers.  During the day I don't have them, only at night.  If I remember correctly, last time I was getting fevers only at night I went into the hospital soon after they started for an infection.  So I am hoping a full on infection will wait a few weeks until I can get my health insurance.  Then I can do whatever.  I am fine with all my meds, so at least I can't try to fight it own my own.  But I can't add anything new so I have t hope that it will dissipate on its own...yeah right cause CF infections do that!


  1. Hmmm.... that is interesting. I have given up drinking milk but I still eat cheese. Hope the Miralax works. Mine is sitting beside me right now... need to finish it.

    Sorry about the fevers. NO fun!!

  2. Both Gess and I stopped drinking milk with lactose and feel so much better! I drink soy and he drinks lactose-free milk. Our tummies are much happier! We do each cheese, but it doesn't seem to do the number on the tummy that straight up milk does.

  3. Yeah I have a slice of cheese here and there but no milk and no ice cream really helps. Of course I used to eat a block of cheese on my own and I haven't done that and don't plan on it. Sucks because cheese is sooooooooooooooo good!!!!!

    do you like the soy Lisa? I want to try it but I am afraid it will be too sweet. I tried Lactaid before and ewwwwww but now I use Real Goodness and it doesn't have that gross sweet taste to it.