Friday, May 28, 2010

Maybe no IVs

Funny....I spent the last few posts complaining about the increase in SOB, fevers, exhausted, overall feeling crappy and then this week....I feel fine. No fevers since Tuesday, sleeping much less, cough is less junky and I overall feel better. Yes I am still SOB, that can not be denied. But it isn't as overwhelming as it had been.

Nope I have not changed anything. Only difference is my hour a day in the sun. But I highly doubt that would decrease sputum production and cause my fevers to disappear. I can see it giving me more energy though, so we can "blame" that on the sun.

My appointment is still this coming Tuesday, the 1st even though I still have no insurance. Basically I'm going in, getting done what I need and having them send me a bill. When my coverage kicks in I'll send the bill to them, bastards, making me wait. I'll be sure to update on that Tuesday afternoon!!!!

Take care my readers and enjoy this Memorial Day weekend. But PLEASE don't forget the true meaning of this holiday. Remember the soldiers, veterans and those deceased. God Bless them all and keep them safe.

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