Thursday, October 28, 2010

Female Doctor Appointment

Today I had my first gyno appointment up here in MA.  I LOVE the woman I chose.  She is awesome and the office is great.

Why am I chatting about something so seemingly un-CF related?  Well it has nothing to do with CF but all about my LS (Lynch Syndrome).

I was lucky enough that when I mentioned it she knew what it was.  So she asked about what screenings I have had done.  Just the colonoscopy and endoscopy as of right now, and I am actually a few months late on that and need to get one (but I digress).  She checked me all out, laughed when I gave her my medication list and gave me a clean bill of female health.  Then she came back in and told me she wants me to get an ultrasound done on my ovaries, just to make sure all is well there.  She said she didn't feel anything so not to worry.  So I won't.  But I am sure I still will think about it.

I always forget about what exactly LS affects.  Quite a lot!  But its also nice that there is plenty of screenings out there to help me stay cancer free!

I found it also funny that the depression survey I took at the beginning came back as mildly depressed.  LOL, hence the anti-depressants!

Otherwise all is well.  I will be starting my new birth control with the next period and my CF doctor will be happy!

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