Sunday, December 20, 2009

BLIZZARD and lung pain

We got a blizzard this weekend!!! Amazing! We haven’t had this much snow in years and even if you added up the snow fall from the last 3 years it wouldn’t amount to what we got this weekend. So awesome!!

This is also the first snowfall of any amount that we have gotten since my lungs took a shit. So needless to say I was not fully prepared for what snow above 12” can do to a person with limited lung function. I learned, the hard way…

Saturday night my mom and I took a stroll out and about in L-town. It was still snowing and there was about a foot on the ground already. Most of the roads had been plowed somewhat. So we made some snow angels and walked up to the corner restaurant to get desert, and so I could take a break. I was so ridiculously winded I wanted to cry. My head was throbbing and I was exhausted. We literally had been outside maybe 15 minutes. We rested and after about 10 minutes of deep breathing my headache went away. So we ate desert (cheesecake yum) and headed home. We had a lot of fun don’t get my wrong but holy hell! I was hurting! Between the headache and the lung pain I have been having it was 50/50 on enjoyment lol.

Today was the same thing. I went to my brothers to play with my nephew and so we could go sledding. I had so much fun but I wanted to keel over after 10 minutes outside. I pushed myself on though because this might and will most likely be the last snow storm I see while down here in PA. So I wanted to enjoy it with my nephew. And I did…then I came home and died LOL.

But this all got me thinking about a caringbridge journal update I read on a friend of mine. She talked about lung pain since she is on pain killers for hers. She just did transplant evaluation so she is a little sicker than I am. Anyway, she mentioned how common it is among end stage and almost end stage CFers. Does what I am experiencing non stop qualify as this?

I’ll explain what I feel as best as I can.

My upper front lobes ache. My upper rear lobes ache. The only time they feel ok is when I take Motrin, but I hate living on pills (besides my normal ones) and really don’t want to make Motrin a daily pill. I will if I have to but I really don’t want to.

No I have never mentioned the pain to my doctor because when they ask if I am in pain I say no.I have become so used to it that I never think to tell them. It’s totally my fault and I should.

I guess this is just another thing I get to add to my CF list huh?



  1. Ahhh...the snow is SO pretty! :)

    I have only seen snow one time when I was visiting my cousin in NY...and even then it wasn't that much!

    As for the pain...I would tell your doctor. I am on the transplant list and my fev1 is WAY lower than yours and I don't have lung pain at all. I know everyone is different but your right its not good to just be living on motrin all day everyday or any pain meds for that matter if there is something else that can be done. Its always better safe than sorry and talk to the doc! :)

    I hope you have a great Christmas...Are you all packed for your move? (p.s. I HATE packing/moving worst job ever!!)

  2. I've had lung pain almost every day for probably a year or so. It's mostly my sides and lower lobes, and 800 mg motrin does seem to help more than actual narcotics. I hated having to give in to pain medication but the motrin helps most of the time. I would be straight with your dr about the pain, no need to suffer and you don't have to resort to narcotics.

  3. Hi Amy, l am about to have a transplant assessment and have had the same pain for about 2 years and it is caused by scaring on the lungs from repeated infections over the years, mine got so bad in my left side to the point that my left upper lobe has collapsed. Best to mention it to your doctor because they may be able to pick it up on a chest xray and then give you something more for it. Mine mostly came when l was starting to get and chest infection.
    Have a great xmas.


  4. Love the pics! I am praying for some snow here our air is shit! 2nd worst air in the nation supposedly. So bring on the snow!!!

    I get my Evergo tomorrow I am so excited!

  5. Somer I got mine last night and OMG I love it!!!!!!!!!!! It's so freaking tiny!!!! I'm gonna blog about it tonight or tomorrow :)

  6. I remember having lots of chest pain before my transplant, probably for about a year or so. But i was extremely sick and on oxygen 24/7. It was the worst when the infections were the worst, and when my oxygen saturations were low. I also had a lot of back pain, so some of it may have been caused from that.

    However, since my transplant, when I get chest pain, i usually have pneumonia. The pain will feel like an 800 pound man is sitting on my chest, and when that pain happens, I know it isn't good. So I would definitely get it checked out just in case. And maybe you could occasionally take something for the pain. Like others have said, Motrin, Tylenol, etc., are better than getting to the point where you need narcotics. Praying for you!! Keep us updated.

    Oh...and i love the snow! We never get snow down here in AL, and when it does, it's only about 2-3 inches. We've had 1 or 2 blizzards, but it's been many many years since that :)