Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Its all not true. Maybe we didn't just loose 2 friends in a week. Court and now Ginger.

I can't take much more of this. I love my Cysters and Fibros but why must they keep dying? Why can't CF back the eff up and let us have some fun right now? Why the good people?

I don't want to believe they are gone. I cried a little. I think a part of me deep down hopes its fake. I bawled like a child at Jenn's services. It was real. I am going to see about driving down to Ginger's. She is in SC so not too far.

Please breathe easy my friends. I will see you on the other side, but hopefully not for a loooooooooong time.
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  1. I don't seem to be able to accept any of these deaths lately. I don't know why. Part of me hopes that its just a mistake and they'll be back posting in no time... Xx