Tuesday, July 17, 2012

6 Minute Walk Test Results

Today I had another 6MWT done.  I usually don't have them print up a sheet for me but decided to this time. I am glad I did as I never realized how much stuff was on there!

I walked 342m or 1122 feet in 6 minutes.  I am at 49% of other people my age (694m or 2277 feet).

My starting respiratory rate was 16 and my ending was 22.

My starting heart rate was 93 and ending was 132.

My starting blood pressure was 94/65 and ending was 115/71.

My starting O2 was 94% and lowest I went was 89%.

So all in all not a bad turn out for my 42% lung function.


  1. I didn't get the pH probe like I was supposed to.. and the manometry test (giant tube down nose/throat) was attempted and failed 3 times. They put me to sleep for an EGD and inserted the Bravo after that.. that was actually much nicer than the tests where you're awake. The reason they didn't want to do the bravo was because percussion can knock it off they thought I guess. They had to do that since I couldn't have anything inserted while I was awake. :/ hopefully that helps you with some info. With the Bravo I just have a sore throat and small headache.

    I'm glad you had a good 6 minute walk turnout and I hope the rest of your tests go well!

  2. Whats the EGD?

    You will have to let me know how the Bravo does. I haven't heard back from my clinic yet so I know this all won't be done by Aug 1st. Oh well, not my problem haha!

  3. the EGD is an upper endoscopy. my mom asked if I had any ulcers and the doc said no but mentioned a hernia. I think we're supposed to turn my monitor in today.. it's been going all over the place. lol

    I'm afraid that I'm going to cough the capsule out.. so far it's been fine but I haven't exactly had a lot of "normal" coughing attacks.. I usually just try to sip water to avoid them. they say not to eat hard foods too and they didn't want me to do the vest while it's recording. not sure if I can eat harder foods after I hand the monitor in but I'm hoping so. this is the one time I have an appetite. :D

    hrmm I have a meeting with the surgeon doc tomorrow so we can talk about the results and figure out a plan and then an ob/gyn appointment. oh and they wanted me to do a uap but they hardly let me have any liquids except for during the nose/throat "i-hate-you" test. lol it's nice being able to have liquids and some stuff again.

    1. OHHH OK I have had a few of those lol. I don't mind being knocked out at all. I kind of like the feeling (does that make me crazy lol).lung disease.

      I have a hernia from coughing. I think it is fairly common with

      Good luck with the results. :)

    2. I like the recovery minus nausea though this time I had a headache..

      I guess we turn in the bravo pager thing tomorrow and then they re-scheduled my appointment for the 30th.. but I still have to go see ob/gyn.

      I hope this doesn't hurt when it falls out? I would assume that it wouldn't but I forgot to ask.

      Remember that your choice with transplant is always your choice. Though others can probably persuade you, make sure you do what you think is right for you. <3

  4. Hi there i live in Belfast, Northern Ireland, im 47 cf and diabetic, lung function fev1 46%. Couldn't have children have 2 dogs and 2 cats. Angela