Sunday, July 22, 2012

A Fun Filled Weekend!

We had a great fun filled weekend.  On Saturday we did family day at Canobie Lake Park.  Its a small amusement park with water rides, regular rides and all the bad food you can eat.  We made sure to get in right when it opened so that some of the rides would have shorter lines.  Worked well.  I personally do not do rides and only went on a few (log flume, sky ride, antique cars).  Nothing of any speed or "thrill".  Fine by me I am not a rides person.

P, E, L and A went on just about everything that they could.  P is a nut and just loves rides!

This is the view from the top of the log flume before we dropped down.  Yes I screamed like a baby!

This is the view looking down from the sky ride.  I admit I was nervous on this too!
This is Un-tamed.  P, E, L and A went on this and I think they all had a blast!  L screamed  bloody murder and P looked like he was having the time of his life!
Today we went and finally picked up my new bike.  P and I got new ones last weekend but we had Toys R Us put mine together (P's was the floor model).  Honestly I would never let them do it again.  But hey, 18 speeds we never would have figured it out.  So instead we are going to have people who know what they are doing look them over and fix things.

After we got the bike, P, E and I went for a bike ride.  It was great!  I forgot how much work it is to pedal on a real bike not a stationary one in the gym.  Unfortunately I will need to wear my O2 for this as well.  After going up a rather small hill I felt my heart racing and like it was going to jump out of my throat.  Checked and it was 178!  O2 was 92% though so go me ha!  178 is way too high and I don't need to go into cardiac arrest on a bike ride.

It was a great exercise filled weekend and I am looking forward to a somewhat relaxing week with small fun things planned to do with E.


  1. Ok, that last ride looked like the perfect ride for me!!! So jealous!!!