Monday, July 16, 2012

Panicking Amy

Well I didn't get the 24 hour pH probe done.  I freaked out.  I started crying as soon as I walked into the room and could not stop.  He sprayed the numbing stuff into my mouth and nose and I about lost it completely.  I couldn't go through with it.  I was a mess.  There was no way anything was being shoved in my nose.  And they can't give you anything to calm you unless it is pre-ordered by your doctor.

I had to have 2 tests done (that part was a surprise).  One was a quick 10 minute test much like the Barium Swallow test.  However, the tube is GINORMOUS!  It was the size of a dam worm!  OK maybe not quite that large but pretty dam close.  Its safe to say it was larger than the NG tube I tried to have placed.  I don't care if it was only going in for 10 minutes.  I knew for sure I would freak out.

The probe was a MUCH smaller copper colored tube attached to a device that would have been strapped to my waist.  I probably could have handled that being placed, but I was not sure how I would be once the numbing wore off and I was too afraid I would have a panic attack and rip it out.

I say this because I have a panic attack if I put a dress on and it gets stuck.  Seriously.  Panic attacks from a dress.  Why would I even consider this test?

Luckily there is another test that can be done in its place called the BRAVO test.  This one you are knocked out for the placement and you don't have to go back to have anything removed.  Its a small device glued to your stomach/esophagus that transmits information back.  Ummm HELLO, why was I not informed about this before?!?!  Friends had mentioned the test on facebook after I had this probe booked.  So I was aware I could have it done, if this didn't work out. I don't know why they don't give you that option.  Its ridiculous.  Instead let's have people be uncomfortable for at least 24 hours and even more so since you can not take ANY heartburn medications 5 days prior.

A wasted trip down to BWH, but oh well.  Now to go call the transplant team and schedule that BRAVO.....

I called my transplant team and they don't like doing the BRAVO test.  So they are going to discuss it and decide.  I am NOT doing the probe so they either have me do this or I go somewhere else that doesn't require it.  And quite frankly, I know of a couple of patients who were transplanted here and didn't have it done because they were too sick to wait.  So ha!


  1. :/ they better not think they're spraying any numbing stuff in my throat or nose. I'll just take it without. I'm not sure if I'm getting the BRAVO, but I think they might do that when I get my scope tomorrow. I can't even do nasal rinses or anything so I'm not looking forward to this at all and YES it does suck without acid medications. funny story, I typed brave instead of bravo, I wish I were getting brave. haha.

    Good luck! I hope you don't have to get anything done.

  2. Aww, poor Amy :( I'm sorry you had a rough day. If you have any questions about the BRAVO let me know. We do those at work all the time. I'm happy to help :) Hugs.

  3. Sara if they told you that you will need a ride home it is probably the BRAVO :)

    Yeah Jess it seems routine so I don't know why they are against it. Like P said to me, if they can get the same results with a procedure that will be more comfortable for me, then there is no reason they shouldn't do it.

  4. I know I at least have something stuck down my nose for 24 hours and an upper endoscopy and they gave me the bravo brochure.. so I'm sure they'll probably implant that with one thing or another somehow.

    I thought about recording the part where I'm awake but mehh.

    Your thoughts are often similar to mine :) I like you.