Sunday, July 15, 2012

Before Picture

2 posts in one day WOW!

I wanted to post my start picture for my 30 day-must-tone-by-the-wedding Jillian Michaels' Shred.

My gut will diminish.

Tomorrow I get SERIOUS about this.


  1. Thanks! Just did day 1 and OMG I am so sore! Worked muscles I never thought I had haha! I had to modify a few things like the jumping jacks and butt kicks, but in time I will be able to do them. My HR was getting too high with them.

  2. LOL I was thinking about doing the same thing the other day to motivate me to work harder! and I'm the same way, I tried not Jillian but the other biggest loser guys video once and with jumping jacks and burpees my HR was WAY too high, so I stopped. My HR goes incredibly high with zumba too but until I get into a cardiologist, I can't seem to teach myself to slow down.... Good luck on the shredding, I know you'll look fabulous at your wedding :)

    1. I figure if I start to see some progress then maybe it will keep me going!

      Jillian is a BEAST! She definitely pushes you to work. But I NEED that. Plus looking at the 3 of them with there hot bodies really gets me moving to want to look like that too (even if I know I can't cause of my odd shaped parts lol).