Wednesday, February 25, 2009

C. diff?

I am looking up C. diff since I haven't a clue what it is except it affects your bowels.  WHY am I up at 6:30 am on my day off looking on the internet?  I'll tell you why, I have been up since 5 am with major cramps and loud noises coming from my gut.  It's NOT a pretty thing.  I look about 5 months pregnant and feel like I am going to barf.

Fun Times!

I'm going to call my DR today and see what they think.  It's been over a week now that my gut has been giving me issues and I am tired of it.  

I'm tempted to post something on CF2Chat to see what it could be, but poop grosses me out and I don't want if any of you that read this have any ideas lets hear em!!!!

And yes I am well aware that this is a public blog and MANY more people may read it than the CF boards LOL!!!!




    The frightening things you learn on the web.


  2. I think I would rather have c.diff than colon cancer though :)

  3. Amy, any new meds over the last week or so? Or maybe a new combination? Just a thought.


  4. If you still have your gallbladder, that could be the culprit. When I was having problems with mine, it felt like really really bad gas - bloated, doubled over in pain, just miserable.

    I didn't have stones though - it was more like sludge and I hear that's fairly common with CF. Anyway, I mention this because the test they usually do to diagnose gall"stones" is an ultrasound, and if all you have is sludge, that's not likely to show up very well. So make sure they test your blood, too (they should anyway, but sometimes you have to tell people how to do their jobs). If your bilirubin is high, that's a sign. Here's a link about billirubin:

    Here is a link about gallstones - you should read the "symptoms" section:

    Because you recently started that new birth control, I'm even more suspicious that the gallbladder is your problem. Definitely call your doc.

  5. Yuck! Hope you feel better soon.


  6. I agree... call your doc. I can't remember, but do you see a gastroenterologist? I would highly recommend that if you don't. I would give a stool sample asap. That's what they need to do to rule out C. Diff. If that's what you have, you definitely don't want it to get worse. If the stool sample shows nothing and you are still having symptoms, then maybe they could do a blood draw to test for H. Pylori, a bacteria you can get in your stomach that causes a lot of digestive problems.
    I hope you find the solution soon Amy.. no fun!!!!

  7. Hope you feel better soon Amy!!!!

  8. Hope you'll feel better soon!

  9. Ugh, no fun at all! Call your DR and let us know how everything goes!

  10. Nothing is better than having problems on top of you already "normal" problems and needing the internet to help you figure it out!!

    Good luck in whatever this may be. I hope you feel better really really soon =)

    I could try to look it up for you BUT if I were to tell you anything I find I may be accused of some c.diff saga lol

  11. Hope it gets better and you figure out what's wrong! Not to scare you or could be multiple things...but when i had my intestinal blockage, I looked like i was having triplets...until they finally figured out what is was. Just a thought??? I had the worse cramps ever too!

  12. Well I called my DR but since it was clinic I said I would leave a message, then I got sent to the wrong voice mail and my mom pulled up so I hung up. And then I never called back.

    BUT I go to clinic next Wed and they are doing a blood draw for the inhaled Cipro study so maybe I will see if they can do some extra and test for other fun stuff...

    I have been better the rest of the day.

    It's weird - TMI coming - last week my bowels were weird, not formed, not watery, over the weekend watery, monday same as last week, tuesday watery, today, HELL.

    The gurgling stopped at least so I now I don't sound like a monster is in my pocket ;) And the bloating has subsided too...

    Thanks for all the comments and I will be sure to ask for a blood test!


  13. Heh Amy girl!
    Zoe had c-diff once. She ran a fever, did nothing except sleep, and POOP! Bad diarhea. They take a stool sample, send it off to check for c-diff. If you indeed have c-diff, they treat it with Flagyl.
    I hope you feel better soon, get it checked out though!
    Take care...hugs to you...

  14. sorry! My recommendation-- have your gall bladder checked out. The gall bladder can cause vicious "bathroom" issues.

  15. Gess has c. diff. right now :( Hope you don't have it! Unfortunately I don't think that they can tell by a blood test. Gess and to do another type of sample :(