Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Quick update!!!!

I am doing fairly well with crocheting thoughI had a minor setback last night, ok major.  I BROKE MY NEEDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Dam plastic ones lol!!!  I will have pictures in a few days once I finish all my practice pieces of each new stitch.

Now back to CF :)

I got the call yesterday I have been waiting for.  I can start the Inhaled Cipro study yay!!!!!!!!!!!  The coordinator of the study and my DR both feel I am a good candidate for the drug so I am in!!!  I am super excited and will meet with her on the 4th when I go to see my DR.  I am not sure how long the study last or any details but she is going to go over everything that day.  I know I will be getting blood work, x-rays, and a pregnancy test to make sure I am not prego.  I wonder if telling them I haven't had sex in 3 months will settle their minds about it LOL!!!!  She apologized for the delay.  It has been a few weeks since I spoke with her (ok like 6) but she mentioned that they ran into some snags getting it approved.  Dam FDA :)  But it's up and running now and I am going to be a part of it.  Of course barring any setbacks when I go like lower FEV1, and need of an admission I will be set.  So fingers crossed I can still do it!!!



  1. I hadn't had sex in 2 YEARS and they still made me do a pee/pregnancy test EVERY FRIGGIN' STUDY VISIT. I told them that if they discovered I was pregnant, it would be the 2nd immaculate conception. "ha ha's your cup!" So annoying.

    Good luck!! :D

  2. Inhaled Cipro!! That's exciting! Do you know what the FEV1 requirements are for this?

  3. Very happy to hear you are in the study. A big thank you from me, because people who participate in these studies are helping everyone with CF!

    Can't believe you broke your needle. :) Anxious to see your samples.


  4. Lol, I have you beat Rhi... I was 12, years from getting my period, and far from having a boyfriend and still had study related monthly preggers tests!

  5. How exciting! Congrats on getting into the study!

    I'm in a study right now and every single month they ask what my method of birth control is, and I just say that my hubby is deployed. Then they check the "abstaining" box and I remind them that it is NOT by choice! :)