Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So many prayers needed please!!!!!

7 year old Garran got his call yesterday and was transplanted.  He now has 2 fresh new lungs to breathe!!!!!

Here is his caringbridge site so you can all see what an amazing boy this G-man is!!! 

Please keep him, and his family in your thoughts and prayers so he can continue to do fabulously!!!!

Also, please pray for Officer Chris Jones' family.  I had not blogged about this before.  One of our brave officers here in Middletown was killed Thursday in a traffic accident while he was on duty.  The viewing and funeral are set for Wednesday and Thursday.  He was the first officer for us to loose in the line of duty here in Middletown.  


  1. What a great update on his site this morning. I am praying, and will continue to pray for little Garran. :)

  2. Garran is amazing. He must be having some sweet dreams. Victoria said he's smiling in his sleep. Probably dreaming of all of the running and playing he'll do with those new lungs. :)

    I've said a prayer for your officer's family.