Friday, August 15, 2008

Fake blogger/blog

I don't know where I stand on this whole Pepe/Gina issue. A huge part of me wants to believe she is who she says she is. I want to think that someone would not fraud a world like this and claim they are as sick as she is. I admit, when I first started keeping track of her blog I was suspicious. Things just didn't "feel" right. But I kept my thoughts to myself or to a very few close friends. Then she recieved her transplant and I was hopeful she was real, it felt real to me. But now I am back to where I was I believe or do I not? We have chatted with her in chat and Q (Paul) also. I donated money to her Wii fund. Was it worth it? I hope I didn't send money to someone who did not need it. I hope that she is truly Gina and has CF and has had a double lung tx. Not because I want someone to go through all this suffering but because I don't want to believe there are people out there that would do such an unimaginable thing. Pepe is the reason many CFers were kicked off of They stood up for her and were banned (the way they stood up got them banned). I hope with all my heart that these people were not banned for absolutely no reason. Many of us followed suit because of the way things were handled, I dont't regret leaving. However, I will regret some of the things I thought about some people on that site because of things that they had said. Perhaps they were right in their thinking and we were all wrong? Will I loose some friends from this blog? Perhaps, but if so then oh well. I have read many many blogs written about this, others opinions, what others have found. I am still up in the air.

I do not know whether to believe Pepe and ignore the other posts/blogs or whether to believe the other blogs and not her. I need proof to believe Pepe, the other blogs have given proof she may be a fake. Please Pepe, show us proof that you are REAL.

read for yourself if you want:

Pepe's blog is no longer active and neither is Paul's. Both blogs have to invite their readers to view it. Because of this I have deleted their blogs from my blogs list. Gina has also deleted her facebook profile. I was friend's with her, now it is gone. To me that makes it seem like she is at fault.

I don't think that Q has anything really to do with this. He may have been getting bad info from Gina, who knows. I stand behind Q still until I am told that he is in on the scam if there is one.

I hope this all comes to a head eventually and soon. The CF world has so many issues already, why add any more to it. We suffer enough there is no reason for us to suffer because we have be decieved.

Thank You


  1. Amy...this whole issue has been making me nuts. Initially I was enraged that people would attack Q and Pepe, but as I read more, I am just so confused.

    As someone who was a nurse, I was a bit skeptical at times as to certain events, especially transplantation with full blown sepsis (is usually a contraindication) and the horrible nutritional status and the ECMO bit for one. But I gave these miraculous happenings the benefit of doubt, shrugging my shoulders and thinking that extreme things have been done in the name of medicine and perhaps this was the case for Pepe who was fighting so hard for her life.

    I was able to see the YouTube videos before they were yanked...the girl on the horse is definitely not the pic that Q posted in FOP who is supposedly a friend of the real Gina (Mia something). So so confusing....What I can't understand is if the girl riding the horse isn't the real Gina, why were those videos yanked within hours of this expose? It would have to be a crazy coincidence for them to disappear within this time frame. If it were a case of mistaken identity, then those videos would not have been touched. I just want some damned answers.

    I truly believe that Q is genuine...I have many emails from him that sound very sincere regarding Gina. If this turns out to be a ruse, then maybe he was the one duped here and fell victim to all of this if there was indeed a scam. Who knows...I am just speculating though...just throwing out possibilities because that is all we really have right now. Nothing really concrete, just little snippets of information. And a little faith that perhaps this was a huge misunderstanding.

    I won't let my mind go wild until there is a solid explanation of what the hell happened and why.My heart is heavy right now. I can't tell you how many times I actually lost sleep thinking about Gina, especially when she was transplanted. It was so touch and go...

    Deep down, I just hope that this is all some misunderstanding, that names got confused and that Pepe is indeed still fighting for her life. In that case, if I were her, I would be forever skeptical to approach anyone online for fear of reproach or skepticism. And I would be deeply hurt as well...

    I am with you Amy...I say that before this gets even more out of hand (as if it weren't mushrooming out of control already), that someone please clarify things so that others won't be hurt in the process.

    Sitting here in NY,scratching my head...Jenn

  2. Hi Amy. I have been a loyal follower of CF Hisband for about 7 months now, it is through him I found FOP. Luckily, I only read, I have only commented once on CF Husband, and never on FOP. Anyways, in all this hub-bub about "Pepe" I have been googling her name to find information on her whole blog situation. I came across your blog through Google and here I am. I haven't had enough time to read through anymore than the last 2 of your posts but I have the feeling i'll be a follower of your blog now. I also see that you are from Pennsylvania, just like me. Feel free to drop by my blog if you'd like. I'll be keeping up with all the "Pepe" saga with you...although i'd like to know I haven't been wasting my time reading about her the last couple of months...we'll see what happens.

  3. Can you believe all this. I never ecpect Gina to be a fake. i follwed her journey from time to time.

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